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Experience one of the most unique performances ever created with interactive illusions for each of the five senses in five distinct spacial environments.


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The Experience

Shattering the mold of the traditional magic performance, an unforgettable evening of impossible visions, scents, tastes, feelings, and sounds awaits you.  Immersive and highly interactive, the audience embarks on a physical journey experiencing elegant magic designed for each of the five senses in five distinct environments throughout a venue. Andrews serves as a magical guide through landscapes specifically designed to awaken the mind and the senses to a state that inspires revelation and wonder.

One of the brightest, innovative young artists in magic/illusion today, Andrews uses philosophy, psychology and art to give audiences an unforgettable evening beyond the normal. Playing against the inherent stereotype of magic shows, the entire audience collaborates to create the performance by making crucial decisions and possessing seemingly impossible knowledge. These mass participations include such things as the audience being able to find a chosen card using the sense of touch, or making an image on their program vanish and then reappear at will. Andrews delivers a fresh and elegant performance totally unlike anything ever done in magic before.

Andrews is the only magician in the world known to have been named to an artist-in-residence position, with the genesis of Thresholds being created during her residency. The work debuted in April 2015 to a sold-out, extended run, and this critically acclaimed show is currently touring the United States to sold-out performances. Having received national and international press including the Chicago Tribune and Magic Magazine, Thresholds uses the unique components of life to create an unforgettable evening that leaves you enthralled and enchanted.  Watch as an audience member’s thought-of scent becomes a reality, a member of the audience is able to surmise Jeanette’s thoughts, and walnuts carry an unexpected surprise, as the performance progresses to a conclusion that will leave you speechless.

Bring one of the most unique, interactive performances ever created to your venue.  (Can be adapted to various venues and spaces, including a stationary version.)


“[Jeanette is] killing it, empowers the audience, and uses science and art to make her mark.”
PBS – WTTW Chicago, Chicago Tonight, Chloe Riley
 “Using a combination of research in philosophy, psychology, and art, Andrews drew in the crowd with her personality, but kept them there with her mind, and most importantly—by blowing their minds.”
Amanda Elliott – Windy City Cosmo


 “The show was amazing! Really fantastic and I loved how you incorporated history of perception within the story you told with the magic.”
Kristen KaniewskiVisitor Services Manager – Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago


 “Jeanette Andrews’ “Thresholds” is a truly magical event! It proved to be a very natural fit for our spa environment. Our repeated clients were utterly entertained to watch the show unfold in the familiar spaces of the spa, while the new guests were introduced to our establishment while enjoying the spectacle. Everyone was impressed with Jeanette’s supreme level of professionalism and personal charm.“
Eve Blair, Spa Manager – East of Eden Retreat & Spa 


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