Jeanette Andrews is the only magician worldwide to have ever been named to an artist-in-residence position.  She was also the youngest artist ever awarded a position in the 22 year residency history of the Escape to Create program.  She has performed at some of the most noted museums in the world, including the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, the Chicago History Museum, and numerous local museums and galleries, bringing magic back into the artistic sector.


ThresholdsLogoforwebsmallUnlocking illusions for the five senses and the mind…

Thresholds just concluded and sold-out and extended run at the Pleasant Home Museum with extensive media coverage including the Chicago Tribune and the Forest Leaves.

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In this one-of-a kind immersive experience, Jeanette and the audience wind their way through numerous rooms, experiencing magic and interactive illusions designed for each of the five primary senses in each space.  Highly-interactive, audience members collaborate in creating the performance, including making crucial decisions, possessing seemingly impossible knowledge, using personal belongings as props, and navigating and unlocking each new space, as the show progresses to a conclusion that will leave you speechless.


Artist’s Statement


Imagine a circular afterimage on the retina instantly transforming into a real three-dimensional sphere. Imagine watching a paper ball fall in slow motion as time visually grinds to a halt. Imagine the random choices of three people collapsing into a single moment.

I am Jeanette Andrews, and I am striving to create an entirely new type of illusory performance art. My current work, such as the pieces described above, utilize distinct visuals and interactions with viewers to create visceral reactions. This body of work includes: collaborative, engaging pieces that take place in viewers’ hands, allowing everyday objects to create impossible scenarios; parlor-style performances combing participatory and choreographed experiences; and larger scale works that highlight the nature of object relationships and the tangible and intangible. My work currently in production fuses installation environments with interactive and performance illusions focused around a central concept that progresses through the work causing viewers to be actively aware of their own perceptions. I am drawn to the concept of the perceptual experience itself, especially as investigated through the lens of phenomenology, contrasted with science and psychology. Within this framework, my research includes: the dynamic and flexible nature of spacial relationships, particularly between subjects and objects, and subjects with spaces themselves; and vision as it relates to cognition and consciousness.

Illusion is a unique and flexible medium to explore facets of perception and can connect with a wide variety of viewers in an intuitive way. I seek to give viewer-collaborators an experience where the moment of designed astonishment acts to provoke a true awakening to the world of perception and the vibrancy of life.



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